Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What Josie Is Made Of

We all know the nursery rhyme "What Are Little Girls Made Of?". Sugar and spice and everything nice. Well, Josie has those ingredients, but she is also made of a lot of other things and has an interesting mix of both mom and dad's traits.

She is not a morning person - like her mom. She is not ready to go until she has had her morning milk. Kind of like my morning coffee(s).

She won't eat first thing in the morning - like her dad. Aside from the milk, she needs about 45 minutes before she'll eat her breakfast. Mike is the same way. I on the other hand can eat as soon as my eyes open.

She gets very irritable when she is hot or tired - like her mom. Ask Mike. I am not a nice person when I am tired. And god forbid Josie and I are hot AND tired. You may as well leave town.

She loves peanut butter - like her dad. I like a good PB&J sandwich now and then, but these 2 could eat peanut butter until the cows come home.

She has an unhealthy love of toast with cinnamon and sugar on it with a side of chocolate milk - like her mom. She doesn't get this often - pretty much only when she can snag a bite or sip from me or Skylar. I take full responsibility for this. Once I went on bed rest, this was pretty much my staple breakfast every day. I guess she acquired a taste for it. My bad.

She snores - like her dad. Once this kid is sound asleep it's pretty funny to hear the little snores. Her father's snoring is not so cute ;)

She curls up in a ball to sleep - like her mom. I know she's ready for bed when she curls up on her stomach with both stuffed dogs tucked under her.

She loves dogs - like her dad. I enjoy animals, but Mike and Josie would have a house full of dogs if I let them.

She has a temper - like her mom?? Really.....me.....a temper?? Ok, see my first post about the police. I will take this one. Please don't make this child mad or get in her way of doing something. She may hit, bite or otherwise injure you. You've been warned.

So, yes, sugar, spice and everything nice as well as a few other ingredients to shake things up. A nice blend if you ask me :)